Developed through "Secure Shopping'' principle, our web site is operated with advanced communication protocols, in particular with SSL technology. 

Your credit card information you use for the shoppings you make from our web site are encrypted automatically and conveyed to your bank through 256 bit encryption system on your computer. Therefore, as your credit card and password information can be viewed by your computer and your bank, they can not be viewed by third parties and are not kept in our systems at the same time. 

You can be confident to make any shopping from our web site within the standards of an internet security company that is commonly used by the entire world. It is sufficient to see that site addresses are converted from http to https to be sure for such and you can also control whether lock symbol at the left bottom corner of Internet Explorer, lock or icons consisting of key and blue line at the right bottom of Firefox and Netscape appear or not.

You can share your experiences and questions on the address of secure shopping over address of [email protected].