Alchera started its story in a small workshop in 1963. As of 1975 when it opened its first store, the brand grew through initiatives both in the country and abroad and it became a company under the name of İnanç Giyim in 1983. In 2001, Alchera brand was born that was to guide the Turkish evening dress sector in the near future. 

Alchera, meaning "Time to Dream", symbolizes the love of endless creativity and being one step ahead at all times. On the other hand, the richness of collections, brand objective and story stand out in the logo that symbolizes the bridge between Europe and Asia.
Reflecting the sector experience of more than 50 years on every detail of the collections from designs to fabrics and hand embroidery details to decorations, Alchera is leading the evening dress sector with over 300 models designed each season in 27 countries and at many points in Turkey.
Aiming that each piece in the collections reflect excellence and distinctness with customer focused design concept, Alchera works with R&D and Production Development teams consisting of its own designers and engineers in the design and production processes.

Mission of Alchera

To design and produce collections leading domestic and foreign markets that improve every season in terms of use of designs and production technologies.

Vision of Alchera

Becoming a leading brand that is the creator of "Night Fashion" concept by stepping ahead of being an evening dress brand in Turkey and international retail sector.