Cookies are small data files place on your computer through your browser by the web server. When a connection is established between your browser and the server, web site recognizes you through the cookies. Purpose of using the cookies is to ensure easiness to the user visiting the web site. There are four types of cookies according to the intended use: Session Cookie, Perfoemance Cookies, Functional Cookies and Advertisement and Third Party Cookies. Alchera uses session cookies and permanent cookies on its own web sites. Session cookies are temporary cookies kept on the browser of the user until he/she leaves the Alchera web site. Permanent cookies, on the other hand, are cookies remained on the browser of the user unless they are deleted by the user. Life of the cookies varies depending on the browser settings adjusted by the user.

Generally internet browsers are predefined as to accept the cookies automatically. Browsers can be adjusted as to block the cookies or warn the user when cookies are sent to the device. As management of the cookies varies for each browser, detailed information can be checked from the help menu of the browser.

Details on deletion or blocking of the cookies and general information about the cookies can be found on